It feels like there are a million stories out there.

Uncountable, like the stars that dot the midnight sky.
At some points, the threads of these stories intersect.

And that’s where we exist.

You are the colour of the cardigan your mother wore to college, the first dish your grandfather made for your grandmother, the shade of your father’s eyes, the city you grew up in, the city you dream of moving to.

In the end, we all become stories.

So it goes, I’ve always been fascinated with the art of storytelling. And as I grew up, the subject of my interest moved from fairy tales to ghost stories to the history of famous empires to the history of my own life.
I love listening to the stories about my family. For me, it’s an enchanting idea how the plot lines of the lives of two generations of people before me can melt through space and time and change who I am, today.

When you do get to listen to these narratives, the key is to look for the details. The hint of surprise in your grandmother’s voice when she realized ice cream cones are meant to be eaten, the hint of nostalgia in your mother’s voice when she describes the house she grew up in, the tremor in your grandmother’s voice when she talks about her mother…these facets of the story take you there.

You truly live your past.

Understanding these stories is like untangling so many spools of yarn. Every moment is an answer, a reason for things being the way they are. They pass by without us realizing, but someday these glimpses will become stories. And they will mean something to someone else looking for answers.

3 thoughts on “Storylines.

  1. Well expressed Ananya. Our lives can be rich tapestries and textures woven into something beautiful and coherent with words. It seems your storytelling is well on its way. 🙂 Thanks for following my blog, Brad

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