Airport thoughts.

You know what’s hard?
That moment at the airport when you walk away after the last goodbye, knowing you won’t know any home for a long time.

You know what’s heartbreaking?
When you’ve taken flight and that one song you heard on New Year’s day, watching the pretty lights from last night glisten, comes to mind and it takes everything in you to not break down.

You know what’s bittersweet?
When you almost hear your mother in your voice, but home is an infinity away.

You know what’s numbing?
Having to cry yourself to sleep on your first night away from home; not because you feel sad, but because you can’t feel anything at all.

10 thoughts on “Airport thoughts.

      1. Well, I grew up in Mumbai
        Currently going through the horrors of college, one day at a time
        I’ve been into writing for a really long time now and I’m really glad you like my work 😉


      2. Oh you’re welcome. 😁 I love getting to know people here and I am glad we met. I’ve been only once to Mumbai and that too for just a day, can’t say that I disliked it though, large cities have their very own charm.

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