Queen’s here.

Two sisters there once were, they stood tall and fair.

The blood of the Empire their father had guarded so dearly was now on their hands. One licked the crimson off, the other turned the ocean red trying to wash her guilt away.

By cruel fate or deadly destiny, two sisters, so unlike one another – everything that one isn’t the other must be.

In these tales, there always is the epitome of sensuality and darkness, drawing many a moth to her wildfire. The other might burn just as bright; but for every poison, there must be an antidote.

Their world saw black and white, and all they could see when they looked at her was everything her sister was not. Their father had trained them well. But when they came of age, Selina started being taught how to lure men in while Adriana learnt how to fend them off.

Every stately dinner Selina bedazzled at, every beau she collected, every time their father smiled to his eyes when he saw the joy of his life – his older daughter – the pain from all the nagging fights and hair-pulling from the past seemed to turn in Adriana’s heart like a small piece of glass.

When they’d been younger, Selina sometimes giggled and complained about how wonderful it would be if people didn’t pay her all that attention.

“Would make things less complicated, you know?”

Well, she didn’t.

And so began the rivalry that would bring an entire golden Empire down to ashes and dust. But as the sisters stood guard on the battlements of their beloved, burning city, little did they know that the flame they had sparked would burn away in vain.

For where there is sin, there is innocence. And where there is allure, there is ignorance. And maybe somewhere deep in the woods, their story is still sung as lore.

But that’s all it is. A story.

For centuries have passed, and the world still remains the same. For all the shades of the spectrum and all the wisdom of the ages;

Everything that one sister is, the other can’t be.

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