The Nowhere Princess

Gold rimmed cups,
Trembling fingers,
Floating goblets full of wine,
Crimson stained lips curled into fake smiles,

Princess –
with gold between her teeth
and steel choking her lungs,

Seemed like she could scream for all eternity,
But the poison that the Sun-God
had traced onto her lips
made them burn
every time she gasped for breath,

Sweet little Cassandra,
Mad little Cassandra,

Fall asleep quickly now,
I’ll sing you a lullaby,
Don’t let the others see
How crazy you can seem to be,

Don’t scream
Or kick in bed,
When the monsters of your nightmares
run wild in your head,

Paris is your brother;
A prince of Troy,
And the wooden horse is just another toy,
Your warnings of doom are but a mirage,
Hovering over the hordes of your city
but never quite settling in,

Drink some more wine, my Lady
It will help you hold your breath
while you sleep,

For your screams
fall on empty ears,
And Troy, in all it’s glory,
will burn while they all sleep.

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