Until next year

The shade of lilac the sky takes on at
sunset, the kind that bleeds away in the blink of an eye.

Songs and memories tucked away in dusty street corners.

3 am thoughts.
3:05 am coffee.

The kind of tired you get from lying in the sun for too long.

Laughing until you cry with your childhood friends, reminiscing about the adventures you had together; realizing that you have nothing to talk about anymore except the playground scars you share.

Butterflies in your head.
Pressed flowers between old books.

The feeling you get when the plane’s about to take off and you’re tapping your feet to the hum of the engine –
ready to leave it all behind.

Standing at the same spot where you said goodbye a year ago and realizing how time touches everything.

The beach.
The rain.
Rainy days at the beach.

Stripping your wet clothes off after a walk in the downpour, the feeling that you stole a gasp of air just when you were about to drown.

A clean slate.

A fresh start.

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