Rosé all day


Rosé all day”, she chimed, right before she walked out of the café;
lipstick stains on her to-go cup and coffee-breath fogging up the morning chill.

I wish I could do this all day.

Swim in the ocean in the pouring rain.

Eat oranges in a field in sunny Paris.

Catch the last flight back home.

Drink another mocha latté.

Anything but spend the next eight hours stuck in a cubicle;
waiting, waiting –

For 5 pm.
For the weekend.
For next year.
For God knows what.

4 thoughts on “Rosé all day

  1. Beautiful! Completely loving it! Keep blogging my friend 💐 have a fabulous New Year 🎄🌿 💖🍰💖🍰🎂🍰🍰💖🍰🎂🎂🎶🎄🌹🌿🌹💖🍰💖🌿🌹🎄🌹🌿💖🍰🎂🍀🌙💖May all your wishes fullfill soon 🎄

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