Stay the night.

Dancing in the rain, I keep coming back to you again and again…

We were lovers, though one night you’d said to me that’s something we’ll always be.
Just like the song that played in the club the night our eyes first met, the taste of your lips tonight is something I’ll never forget.

I still remember our first kiss in the rain, in that alleyway, when you tasted like stale vodka in the downpour under those divine streetlights.

For all the lovers and scars and other terrible things I’ve tried, you’re the only one I’ve ever gotten high on.

And so, here we are. On the couch in my apartment, after all these years, almost as predictable as a movie. The pain from the past blocks my vision like a cloud of stain as I try to navigate through the white noise in my head. But I don’t really care, just like back in high school, and sophomore year.

My heart’s yours for now, even though we both know we’re a couple of sadists.

You are the one.

But you shouldn’t be the one.

And suddenly, as I’m listening to your heart beat, I hear myself asking you to leave.

Cause babe, boys like you taste like infinity but never stay the night.

20 thoughts on “Stay the night.

      1. No one is a night owl, by choice! A lot of voices in mind, not letting you sleep or just one?


      2. Oh I close my eyes, only to see you smile, and oh how exquisite is a sight so serene, only to make me gaze in awe, while you smile w your eyes, only to tease these flowers, and Oh now they bloom, just because of you!

        So this was ittt! Take care of yourself!


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